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A wide-area plug-and-play, suspended monorailand resource distribution networkfor the economic renewal, public securityand environmental protection of regional communities

EAZEway Bypass Technologies: An Elevated Adaptable Zero-Emission Trackway with a slim, elegant "plug-and-play" monorail suspended between low-profile drill collars which is adaptable, removable, affordable for all applications over urban/suburban community or even hostile terrain; 

ABOUT EAZEway Bypass Technologies (EBT)

Contact Us: info2 @ EAZEway.org


The EAZEway project's designs and all of it’s business models and technologies were originally conceived and designed as a holistic, integrated system for the Lower Mainland of Vancouver B.C., Canada.

The engineering designs, joint venture enterprise and network model, have resulted in a complete, affordable, network system offering tremendous benefits to communities, governments and all participating parties that is a whole system with a design and build process that can be duplicated in any country.

EBT is the exclusive rights holder to the intellectual property associated with all designs and business models integrated into the EAZEway Project.

For information on becoming a project partner, hardware supplier or a regional licensee to build an EAZEway project in your region contact us at email: info2 at EAZEway.org

Solve mass transportation issues quickly, affordably, in an environmentally responsible manner.

Elevated Adaptable

Zero-Emission Trackway

EAZEWAY: Get the Vision....


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The EAZEway monorail provides a smooth, engineered and protected surface for engineers to create innovative ca


revitalize local industries and local workers as business partners:

Engineers – Construction – Operations – Steel work